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This is the re-release of ENTE's PadPack for World of Padman 1.5 and newer. Unlike
earlier versions of the PadPack, this package contains only ENTE's PadCastle and
PadGallery, since PadCrash and PadCrash DM17 are already part of the World of
Padman 1.5 default installation. The maps support the game types Free For All,
FFA Team, Last Pad Standing and Big Balloon. All these maps have full bot support!

Changes to prior version:

The content of this PadPack version is derived from the original PadPack file for
World of Padman 1.1 from June 8th, 2007. Due to the heavy changes in WoP 1.5 some
shaders, textures and sound files were simply missing or broken. It needed only a
few changes in the shader scripts and texture paths to adjust the PadPack to the
changes of WoP 1.5. A handful of missing files were taken from the prior WoP 1.1
installation and were added to the PadPack. The skybox of PadCastle received a
few edits to fix the broken transitions between the skybox images and to make
them seamless. All skyboxes in the PadPack were upscaled to 1024x1024px by the
use of AI to present more detail and a better quality. All content of the original
PadPack, which is already part of the WoP 1.5 default installation was removed
to avoid conflicts with WoP 1.5 game content. The original levelshots needed to
be adjusted and extended in certain areas to fit the portrait format of WoP 1.5.
All those edits were executed by Kai-Li. ENTE agrees with these changes and the
publication of the new version of his PadPack. Enjoy it!


"The PadPack maps are reworked versions of my old Quake III Arena PadMaps. The
new versions are very different to the old versions. They are bigger, more
detailed and simply better...*gg*

Ok, have fun with the new maps, I hope you like it..!!?"





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